What is scary ..The most common apprehensions about coaching 3.0


What is scary The most common apprehensions about coaching 3.0 ?

Coaching 3.0 is a comprehensive approach that establishes a step-by-step process. From the start, the contracting organization, as well as the person being coached, knowsthe different steps of the process, the number of sessions, and the coaching methods. The coached person can monitor their progress, thanks to the tools available on the online platform. Human Resource services will also benefit from a final report (without compromising confidentiality), detailing the number of sessions, completed modules, and number of hours spent on the process. This contributes to the efficiency of the process, and facilitates the evaluation of results.
Although the revolution is underway, coaches, organizations and potential clients still have doubts, as with any innovative process.
The first, and significant one, is the fear of receiving de-humanized services. But do not be mistaken! Coaching 3.0 is not an interactive platform where clients click for a one-off conversation with an anonymous coach. The relationship between the coach and client prevails within the interactive platform, which serves as the medium for coaching and is filled as a result of this personalized relationship.
The second, partly related to the first, is the fear of not establishing the trust required for an effective coaching relationship, and not being able to develop an intimate and friendly environment necessary to support the client’s progress. The video-conference space is like an intimate bubble, where we can see and talk to each other, while sharing documents and taking notes on a virtual “paper board”. We often invite skeptical individuals to test the platform, to give them a chance to assess the effectiveness and authenticity in establishing this relationship.New users are always surprised by the trust they are able to establish within the video-conference space. This depends in part on the coach’s ability to inspire trust, regardless of the environment, but more surprisingly, the screen has the ability to break internal barriers and taboos faster than in an in-person interaction. We are able to cut straight to what is essential, freed from conventions and formalities that typically weigh on in-person interactions.
Finally, some users fear the loss of confidentiality when storing documents, notes, and observations on an online platform. As in traditional coaching, a contract between all stakeholders involved in the process stipulates that it is protected by professional confidentiality. In addition, the platform allows to lock each individual space. We can compare each space to an individual office within a coaching firm housing several coaches. Each office would have a separate entrance, protecting the anonymity of each client. Each participant only has access to their own space, and cannot enter other clients’ personal spaces.
If all of this hasn’t convinced you yet, we invite you to reach out to us, for an online trial or visit of the platform. The revolution is underway. Let’s open possibilities for more personalized and efficient coaching for professionals.